Beauty A to Z: E Is for Exfoliation

Most skin care experts agree that there’s more to skin care than just cleansing and moisturizing. To truly keep skin in top shape, regular exfoliation is key. And we’re not talking about your grandmother’s scrubs. Put down the crushed walnut shells and apricot kernels, and make way for a new generation of exfoliators.

Radical Skincare Age Defying Exfoliating PadsRadical Skincare Age Defying Exfoliating Pads
Price: $95
These amazing pads do more than just exfoliate away dead skin cells. They also deposit anti-aging goodies like alpha hydroxy acid onto the skin at the same time. They also reduce pore size, and help to smooth the skin and improve elasticity.

Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Peel & RevealPeter Thomas Roth Clinical Peel & Reveal
Price: $58

This exfoliating cream uses pumpkin enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells. It smells delicious, and works to leave skin smooth and refreshed.

NARS Double Refining ExfoliatorNARS Double Refining Exfoliator
Price: $34

This gentle exfoliator uses a mild fruit acid and wild rose extract to get the job done. It also contains little “spheres” (their word, not ours) to stimulate natural cell turnover and refine the skin’s surface.

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