Product Review: Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Bobbi Brown CosmeticsPrice: $42


Bobbi Brown is the latest brand to hop on the BB Cream bandwagon. Like formulas from rival brands, the Broad Spectrum cream features a high SPF (35), a modest shade range, and an equally modest list of beauty claims.

This cream promises to cover imperfections and even skin tone . . .

Draw moisture to the skin and help control oil production . . .

Help reduce the look of wrinkles . . .

And shield skin against UVA/UVB rays.

We approached this cream with a healthy dose of skepticism, as we’ve found most BB creams to be glorified tinted moisturizers with minimal coverage and minimal skin benefit.

Initially, the cream applied too light; but within minutes it adjusted to our skin tone. Although it provides minimal coverage, it does deflect the eye away from any imperfections, and seems to give the “illusion” of smoother skin.

We’re not so sure about it reducing the look of wrinkles, but we were grateful for the sun protection. Overall, it’s not a bad cream. It won’t reverse the effects of too little sleep and too much caffeine . . . but it’ll help you look like you . . . on a really good skin day.

Grade: B

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