The French Art of Seduction

Romain Court of Useduce.comRomain Court, founder of, is a Seduction Coach who trains his willing students in the art of French Seduction. He discusses his work and overall philosophy in the following interview, ending with some useful seduction tips for both men and women.

Interviewed by Eveline Morel.
Reponses by Romain Court.

Useduce LogoRomain, so you’re a seduction coach . . . is this how you would introduce yourself?

Yes! I’m a coach of seduction.

How did you get started?

I’ve always been very interested in seduction and women and the interaction that happens between a man and a woman. My friends have always come to me for advice on interacting with the opposite sex. So when I was seventeen or eighteen, I started writing down my ideas about approaching someone you don’t know, and my philosophy behind it. But it wasn’t until my ex-wife and my current wife started encouraging me to pursue it professionally, that I considered it a possible career path. So two years ago, I turned my philosophy into a business and was born.

Useduce.comTell us a little about French seduction.  How is it different from American seduction?

Well first of all, the word “seduction” is used 300 times more in France than in the United States, whether it be in the newspapers, the TV, or magazines. It’s an art in France, something that’s a part of our lives. You don’t want to seduce just for sex; you want to seduce just so people would like you. In the United States, dating is more cut-and-paste, like a resumé. When someone’s going on a date, they show up and are really polite, and they bring their resumé, and you’re buying it. There’s not much space for mystery and intrigue. In the United States, it’s very open, yet business-like; it’s about a person buying what you’ve got.

The business of falling in love.


In France it’s more of a game.

Yes! It’s an art. It’s something people incorporate into our everyday lives for everything, especially in sales. In France, there’s the saying, “The client must be seduced,” which you wouldn’t put in the same words here.

Useduce.comIf I sent one of the girls to “seduce a client” here, that would be a different business…

Yes! Because here when they hear the word seduction, people think of sex, which is completely different. Seduction is the art of selling yourself, of making yourself irresistible.

So essentially, seduction is creating an emotional bond between two people, an emotional appeal. It’s not getting a person into bed at all.

That’s exactly what I teach my clients. For first dates, the man and woman should look back and remember the date as something very special, even if nothing becomes of it. It’s like a battle or like chess, where you must create an experience where you’re winning that’s different from others.

Can seduction be taught?

That was my first worry when I created the business. And yes, it can. It takes some time and a lot of trust from the people I’m working with. It’s life changing. At the end of the day it comes down to confidence. Not egocentric type of confidence, but rather knowing what your abilities are and in playing them up.  It’s a different way of thinking. For instance, the first rule is you have to have empathy in order to create a human connection, to understand what the other person is feeling.

How important is body language?

Body language is everything. The words that you say aren’t as important as how you say them. Your hands are an extension of your thoughts. You need to paint what you’re thinking with your hands, to show them you’re open. Mirroring is also very important, makes someone feel more familiar, as if they understand you. Eye contact is important as well.

Do you work with both men and women?

I would say I work 80% with men. The experience is very different between men and women. When I work with women, it’s more make-overs to make them more comfortable. When I’m working with women, I teach them how to be seduced, to open themselves, how to respond to men, and keep mystery. Men want to be the fishermen.  They need to feel important and want to lead a conversation.  And as a woman you want the man to fish information from you.

So basically, you still believe there are traditional roles between men and women?

Yes. Men are still hunter-gatherers . . .

Romain Court of Useduce.comWhat’s your success rate?

I would say 70 percent of my clients have found “the one.”

Do you have a typical client?

Shy people and nerds! The nerds are the coolest.  They’re so smart and tech savvy, but they don’t show enough passion.

What’s the best advice you have for men?

First, they need empathy. Also, men need to be interesting, and audacious.  If they see a beautiful woman, they need to seize the moment and approach her, that’s the golden horse. For women, I would tell them eye contact is very important.  Also, all women must all keep a “secret garden”—create curiosity and be intriguing, give shorter answers, keep him off guard. He needs to feel almost uncomfortable; then you’ll see if he’s quick to respond.  It will tell you a lot about his character.

Does your business pick up around Valentine’s Day?

Winter is usually slow, but my business really picks up AFTER Valentine’s Day because they’re so depressed.  Valentine’s Day motivates them to get back in shape and vow that it will be their last winter alone!

Can you seduce in online dating?

Absolutely! Especially for the younger generation, the dating system has shifted. There’s a lot of people who date online. I help my clients with all their social media profiles. There’s too much exposure.  People share a lot of sexy photos before even meeting each other . . . They spend hours chatting on Facebook, and someone in New York can be dating someone in Los Angeles without ever meeting! I think it can be dangerous, but it’s a good way of finding someone as long as you’re careful who you’re talking to.

Any parting words?

Keep on seducing, 24/7!

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