Raw Artists Los Angeles “Marvel” at the Belasco Theater – A Fun, Edgy, Uninhibited Display of Unfettered Expression!

Belasco Theater ExteriorWhen you hear the mission statement that one grass roots organization educates, connects, and exposes emerging artists in 54 artistic communities across the USA and Australia, you just have to take notice.  Raw Natural Born Artists practices what they preach with true reckless abandon! They showcased local independent creatives with their Los Angeles division, Raw Artists LA: Marvel on April 11, 2013, at the Belasco Theater in Downtown LA. Featured that evening was music, art, fashion, photography, and more in the architecturally pleasing and beautifully preserved Belasco Theater.

When I first arrived, I toured two stories of organized, yet unending displays of disciplines, including paintings and photographs against vertical standing chain link fences. Tabletops held jewelry, fashion, hair products, and more. Raw Artists LA: Marvel Highlights - Jeff Linett's Display(I was grateful I didn’t have to wait in that ridiculously long line outside where ticket holders clambered to get in.)  Once inside and past the Belasco gatekeepers, the offerings of freebies, including lollypops, trinkets, beauty items, and postcards were a bit overwhelming.  However, after searching diligently for one particular participant (Agenda’s own Jeff Linett, a featured photographer in the event), I welcomed the full audio and visual experience that followed me throughout my exhibit tour.

The Belasco that evening emanated a bohemian spirit.  The disc jockeys pumped edgy tunes, which seemed to be choreographed in rhythm with the theater’s energized inhabitants.  There was an impressive lineup of very talented indie artists who participated. The range of eclectic works bewildered and impressed me.  How would I describe the event? Wild, freeing, artsy, dark, edgy, uninhibited, grunge, and a whole lotta fun!

Check out the wide range of true indie talent that participated at the Raw Artists LA: Marvel.

Visit http://www.rawartists.org/losangeles/marvel to learn more.

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