30 Days & 30 Nights: Twinlab Skin Within

Type: Supplement
Price: $30
Location: www.twinlab.com

Twinlab Skin Within SupplementThese days there are supplements for just about everything that ails you. Now, Twinlab has come up with a formula that they believe can go where no supplement has gone before: directly to combat fine lines and wrinkles.

The “Skin Within” supplement is chock full of something called astaxanthin, and CoQ10. It claims to significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the moisture content of the skin, and significantly improve skin elasticity (which is like the result of increased moisture content in the skin).  It also claims to help reduce oxidative stress. Yeah, we’re not quite sure what that means either.

Here’s what we do know: After popping a pill a day for 30 days, we’re pretty sure this supplement can do no harm. But to be honest, we’re not sure it can do any good either. The moisture content in our skin did not change. Any reduction in fine lines and wrinkles could be just as easily attributed to the diligent use of eye cream, the religious application of sunscreen, and a strong nighttime moisturizer.

Grade: C-

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