Beauty Breakdown: Products for AGENDA’s Cover Story

Our Patriotic theme for the cover story of Agenda was specific in more ways than one. In order to pull off the perfect look on four distinctly different ethnicities, we had to choose our tools carefully.

The idea of a graphic eye and strong lips sounds easy in theory, but with four different skin types and sets of features, it was a lot easier said than done.

Danielle, our Latina model, had oily skin, so she was prepped with Hourglass Mineral Primer, before applying foundation to the skin.

We then addressed any problem areas with concealer and prepared the skin for makeup application. Danielle’s naturally full brows were left alone, and her makeup was applied in accordance with the cover theme.

Xion, our Asian model, has distinct yellow undertones. In fact, she complained that many people miss this fact, and end up putting foundation on her skin that goes too pink.

We addressed her concerns with the yellow shade of Make Up For Ever HD Perfection Primer. The smallest amount helped to bring out the yellow undertones in her skin, and match the corresponding foundation.

Like Danielle, Xion’s full brows were left alone.

We felt that a full brow was appropriate for this look, so for our Black model, Breneka, we added a little dark brown gel to help complete the look. To fill in Breneka’s brows, we used Anastasia’s Brow Gel in Granite.  Although it’s a very dark brown gel, Granite is often used for subjects with dark brown or black hair. With the exception of concept makeup, it’s never advisable to fill in your brows with a jet black color, even if the hair on your head is black.

Our final model, Lauren, suffered from dry skin. We prepped her skin with Make Up For Ever HD Elixir to help her foundation set smoothly. Although Lauren is blonde, she has naturally dark brows. We decided not to fight nature and shape her brows in a complementary color, using Anastasia Brow Gel in Espresso.

All of the models featured a graphic eye line and a strong red lip. To achieve this look, we used Yves Saint Laurent Cream Eye Liner in Deep Black, and Giorgio Armani Rouge d’ Armani Lipstick in Rouge 400. Both products are universally flattering. Rouge 400 complements a wide range of skin tones and provided the perfect glossy finish for all of the models.  We finished each look with a quick spray of “Model in a Bottle” setting spray. The makeup stayed fresh and held throughout the shoot, with absolutely no need for touchups.

On their bodies, we used Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Lotion on their limbs to give them an overall “summer glow.”

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer:
Anastasia Brow Gel:
Yves Saint Laurent Cream Liner:
Rouge d’ Armani Lipstick:
Model In A Bottle Setting Spray:
Prtty Peaushun Lotion:

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