Natural ingredients in skin care is hardly a new phenomenon. Every cosmetics company is in a race to find the next big ingredient, shove it into every conceivable formula, and declare it the latest win in the quest for perfect skin. They pontificate on the rarity of the ingredient, the painstaking process to harvest and include said ingredient, and slap a price tag on it that ensures you feel every drop of blood, sweat and tears. Expensive natural products (that may or may not be effective) is not a new thing. Inexpensive natural products that perform beyond stated claims… now that’s rare.


Enter Alaffia, a company that offers generous sizes of natural products at prices so low, they’re a joy to buy and to use. If that doesn’t make you feel good enough, Alaffia is committed to fair trade ingredients, processing, and fair wage reciprocity for those who put in the work on the ground level. The company’s website breaks down exactly what it means every time you purchase a product, and there are reminders on the back side of every product. This company – based in Olympia, Washington – is about as transparent as they come. A quick perusal of the website outlines the company’s mission statement in bold and detailed steps, with the desire to end poverty on a global scale… starting with the West African state of Togo.

alaffia 2

Of course, mission statements are moot without proof of efficacy. Alaffia answers the call with simple easy-to-source ingredients that do exactly, if not more, what they claim. The company’s bestsellers are a collection of body washes, lotions, shampoos and conditioners in liter sizes for well under $20. If you catch a sale at any number of retail outlets, you might pay as little as $10. For everyday body care, the formulas are unbeatable. Every ingredient is natural, easy to source, and put together in simple but effective recipes. With a growing movement towards chemical-free vegan formulations, Alaffia is easily prepared to meet demand. This company is proof that natural, effective skin care can be both good to you and good for your wallet.